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Holi Hai 2020 made everyone fall in love

International   |   Glibs Quick   |   Mar 12, 2020, 14:38 PM

New Delhi, 12 March 2020: Likee, the pioneering short global video creation platform bySingapore-based BIGO Technology Pte Ltd, had launched an exciting campaign#HoliHai2020 to celebrate the festival of Holi. The campaign came as a boon forthose who live far away from their loved ones, or are afraid of colours andgetting drenched. #HoliHai2020by Likee allowedusers to communicate and transmit the real feel of Holi colours through mobilephones. Hence, Likee ensured that not just the wishes, but even the gulal on users’palms reached those who they love dearly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XQRIwLw5y0&feature=youtu.be&app=desktop Also, the campaign was launched at the time whenplaying Holi the traditional way could be dangerous for people in India. #HoliHai2020was heartilyembraced by those who were compelled to cancel their travel plans in the wakeof the coronavirus menace. The fear and the challenges associated with thedisease certainly marred the Holi fervour for many, who were forced to canceltheir travel plans. While there was no means to get them home physically, Likeeensured that their Holi was full of colours and fun. The idea behind introducing the campaignwas to provide a platform for safe Holi and bring users’ near and dear onescloser to them, at least virtually. The special Holi campaign was just anotherfeather in the hat of Likee, which often comes up with unique offerings for itsusers. WithLikee’s virtual Holi celebrations, people enjoyed the festivities of Holiwithout any risk or fear, making it a truly ‘happy’ Holi for all.  Likee is available in differentIndian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali,Kannada, Malayalam and Punjabi. In 2019, Likee had also won the Guinness WorldRecord for creating the 'Largest online video album of people waving a flag in India'during its 'No matter where I am, #IAMINDIAN' campaign. The campaign saw morethan 1 lac Indians participating in celebrating India's 73rd Independence Day.In the recent App Annie’s year-end report on app trends for 2019, Likee hasemerged as No 1 in the breakout category and is also the 7th most downloadedapp in 2019.

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