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Man persists on social media to be quarantined

International   |   Glibs Quick   |   Mar 15, 2020, 12:51 PM

Heres about Shubham Sachan who narrated his ordeal regarding COVID.

He posted on social media that 'I live in Kanpur. I have just returned from Colombo 2 days back and I was in China last month. I have few symptoms of coronavirus and so I have isolated myself at my home. I have been trying the helpline no. repeatedly for 2 days but just once It got answered. The concerned person surprisingly told me that I am not infected (which I don't know how he figured over phone). On requesting him repeatedly he told me to wait adding that a team will reach me soon. For 2 days nobody came. Today two persons came but they just gave me a form to fill with no other information over how to get tested or where to go for that. I even mailed the authority over dsoidspknu@gmail.com, ncov2019@gmail.com but no help. I went to my nearest hospital (Lala Lajpat Rai Hospital, Kanpur) today where I was told that they have no means of testing for this and gave me no other information. I don't know what to do now. Please get me some help or atleast advice me where to go or whom to contact.

Thanks everyone for sharing and highlighting my issue. Respected DM Kanpur and CMO are looking into this matter and are coordinating with me henceforth. A team of officials visited me today to address my concerns. Presently, I have been admitted to a nearby hospital where I have been quarantined till Tuesday for now, or untill the reports for my saliva sample arrive. I will update how the matter progresses further. Once again, thank you all kind Twitter users for your support. I really appreciate it'.


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