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Heres an interesting marriage ritual of Dogras, watch

International   |   Glibs Quick   |   Mar 01, 2020, 09:44 AM

International Dogra Society have shared visuals of one very unique ritual in their marriages. It says that one of the most important ritual after marriage in Dogras is “Rakadey Firna”. The marriage is not complete until this ritual is performed, it is considered auspicious as the newly wedded couple seeks blessings of kuldevi/Kuldevta (family deity). It further added that 'mostly it is performed by taking pheras of the religious Drakht (tree) at the Devsthan, some people also take pheras of the temple of their kuldevi/kuldevta. After performing this ritual, once back at their home another important ritual is performed “Suaani”'. 

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