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Preparations of wheat procurement and storage, govt reviews

International   |   Glibs Quick   |   Mar 09, 2020, 09:21 AM

Hand pumps should be repaired immediately
Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath in Janadhikar programme 

Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath has instructed all collectors to complete arrangements related to procurement and storage of wheat and payment. He also instructed the collectors to make a list of hand pumps needing repair and entrust them to the Public Health Engineering Department so that the damaged hand pumps can be repaired on time. The Chief Minister was addressing collectors here today under the Janadhikar programme. He also solved the problems of the beneficiaries on this occasion.

Effective action to be taken against fraudulent chit fund companies

The Chief Minister gave instructions to take effective action against certain chit fund companies following complaints of fraud in some districts. He told to prioritize the work of taking strict action against the fraudulent chit fund companies. He directed to resolve cases of granting forest rights by March 31 and said that forest dwellers should not be deprived of forest rights on technical grounds. He instructed to maintain a constant pace in the Shuddh ke liye Yuddh campaign.

The Chief Minister directed to take immediate action against the officer concerned in a case of delay in scholarship despite submission of T.C. and admission fee of a beneficiary of Rewa, Shri Ramendra Sonkar. On the delay in the social security pension of Ratlam’s beneficiary Shri Farooq, the Chief Minister said that giving social security pension is a very sensitive task and there should be no delay in this at any stage.

In the case of delayed payment of wages of Shri Ram Swaroop, sanitation worker in Mandsaur, the Chief Minister instructed to take action against the concerned officer after fixing responsibility. The Chief Minister directed to carry out intensive campaign for disposal of all those cases where there is problem in land records due to non-transfer of data using software, including the case of Shri Mahesh Shrivastava of Datia district whose record was not found and had to be registered again.

Taking seriously the delay in loan waiver due to the bank’s mistake in the case of loan waiver of the son of beneficiary Shri Gambhir Singh in Bhind district, the Chief Minister said that action should be taken against the officials concerned for the negligence in matching the figures of the department and the bank and the delay caused due to it. He issued instructions to suspend the Food Inspector, who delayed action on the complaint made by the beneficiary Shri Vinod in Jabalpur regarding sale of food items of expiry date.


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