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Restrictions on essential goods supplies will be lifted, says Russia

International   |   Glibs Quick   |   Mar 19, 2020, 18:16 PM

Government of Russia in a bid to tackle the pandemic of Coronavirus has announced that there is no shortage in coronavirus testing kits. A reserve of 700,000 tests has been created and will be replenished with up to 100,000 tests produced daily. A decision has been taken to deliver testing kits to all Russian regions.

Medical facilities are ready to face various Coronavirus scenarios. Over 55,000 beds are available in isolation wards, with over 12,000 in intensive care units. There are over 40,000 pulmonary ventilation devices, a stock of medicine, and a permanent supply of protective gear.

6,000 infectious disease doctors, some 2,000 pulmonologists, and over 18,000 nurses are ready to provide health services to fight the Coronavirus. Recommendations, diagnostics and treatment algorithms regarding COVID-19 have been communicated to the healthcare institutions. 

The Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Federal Taxation Service, the Federal Service for State Statistics and the Government’s Communications Centre will begin monitoring prices in real time. Food retail chains are expected to have a sufficient stock of goods.

All restrictions on the supplies of essential goods will be lifted effective tomorrow with green corridors for importers and major retail chains. Zero customs duties will apply to imports of a number of goods, including medicine and medical devices.

Manufacturers will have to boost and accelerate output of medical goods that are now in high demand. The single information centre will get data from all regions and will oversee the availability of these products in real time.

A daily monitoring effort will be undertaken for the labour market. The unemployed must receive social benefits on time and in full.  

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