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Indias true strength is its spiritual power

International   |   Glibs Quick   |   Mar 07, 2020, 12:39 PM

Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath at state-level convention of Yadav Mahasabha

Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath has said that today it is essential to identity the forces that are active in dividing the country. He said that India's culture is the culture of unity in diversity. Its true strength is its spiritual power which binds the nation and helps it move ahead. Shri Kamal Nath was addressing the regional convention of the Yadav Mahasabha Madhya Pradesh at Bittan Market Dussehra Maidan.

Shri Kamal Nath said that the Yadav community is an aware community in every field. Being an active community, it is the duty of the senior citizens and young generation of the Yadav community to recognize the values of the country. They must introduce the new generation to the cultural values of the country and keep them connected with them. He said that India is the only country in the world which stands united under one flag with pride despite its diversities.

Youth must come forward to establish new identity of MP

The Chief Minister said that there is a lot of difference between the elderly and the new generation. The new generation has access to technology and knowledge. The new generation just wants opportunities to move forward. They have both ability and talent. The Chief Minister said that the challenge is to create a new Madhya Pradesh and create its new identity. Every citizen should be proud of Madhya Pradesh’s new identity. Madhya Pradesh must have a new identity in every field, be it economic, social and political field. He said that the first priority is to provide employment opportunities to youth by increasing maximum economic activities. Employment generation is only one dimension of economic activity. As far as providing land and meeting other demands of the Yadav community is concerned, the Chief Minister said that he would not dissappoint the Yadav community. He called upon the youth of Yadav community and other communities, to move in unison to create a new Madhya Pradesh.

In his welcome address on the occasion, General Secretary of Yadav Mahasabha, Shri Damodar Yadav said that Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath is the Chief Minister who believes in work, not in announcements. The Chief Minister wants to take Madhya Pradesh to new heights. He thanked the Chief Minister on behalf of the Yadav community for giving 27 percent reservation to the Other Backward Classes and keeping the name of Samanvay Bhavan in memory of late Shri Subhash Yadav. Former Union Minister Shri Arun Yadav also addressed the convention.

Agriculture Development and Farmer Welfare Minister Shri SachinYadav, Cottage and Village Industries Minister Shri Harsh Yadav, Former Minister Shri Bhagwan Singh Yadav, MLA Smt. Krishna Gour, Shri Yogendra Mandloi and a large number of representatives of Yadav community were present on the occasion.


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