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Shooter shoots student, two women debate it on Twitter

International   |   Glibs Quick   |   Jan 31, 2020, 15:52 PM

A journalist and editor Samina Shaikh asked Rangoli, sister and manager to actress Kangana Ranaut, as to her views on 'a shooter shooting a student & injured student in the presence of Delhi cops? He’s not an official shooter from the police team. What’s your take on that? Isn’t that wrong? Or do u think it is right?'. To this question, Rangoli emphatically replied that 'of course it’s wrong, why you think Nationalists and pro CAA agree with such a violent acts? Please stop generalising and assuming'. Shaikh insists that she is not 'generalising neither assuming hence asked u whether right or wrong to which u said it is of course wrong. While the nationalists & pro CAA wouldn’t agree with this thought too, the Delhi cops just STOOD there when this act happened & hence it is astonishing!' Rangoli once again responded that 'we are nationalists and we are pro Citizenship Amendment Act... who are you talking about? I thought you wanted to know Kangana‘a views, she is a nationalist and Pro CAA she condemns this act of violence'. 

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